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Royal Oak Approves $18,000 In Spending To Defend Controversial Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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RoyalOak approves $18,000 in spending to defend controversial medical marijuanaordinance




By Jonathan Oosting| MLive.comMLive.com<br style="mso-special-character: line-break;"><br style="mso-special-character: line-break;">


The Royal Oak CityCommission earlier this year approved a controversial ordinance that allowsmedical patients to use -- but now grow -- marijuana within city limits.


But within the week, two patientssued in an attempt to overturn the ordinance, arguing thegrowing rules unnecessarily restrict access to a drug approved for medicinaluse by Michigan voters in 2008.


It appears Royal Oak won't let the ordinance go down without a fight.


The DailyTribune reports the City Commission has approved up to $18,000in legal defense spending, a figure city attorney David Gillam said shouldcover the costs of a potential appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court.


And Royal Oak isn't alone. It's one of five Oakland County communities spendingto defend its war on legal drugs.


"Five Oakland County communities are being sued," Paul Tylenda, anattorney representing Royal Oak multiple sclerosis patient Christopher Frizzo, told thenewspaper. "I hear all these intangible arguments ofproperty values going down. Well, here’s a real cost, and it’s just going toget worse. That's just the initial deposit."


While portions of Michigan's medical marijuana act may be unclear, it's clearvoters who approved the measure didn't expect their taxes would be used tofight it.




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