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Happy 420

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Tho I am happy another of the many evils is out of this world. but what about all the suits that rule over all our lives that are left? The big buisness who have the Crap like Black Water working for them.. going out offing those in the way of their buisnesses.. those very same men run our country and politicians - money talks everyone else suffers. One bad man is gone - evil will always be present and the fight to end it will be as on going as time itself.. However I must say and i realize many wont share the same opinions but there is more to that mans story then what the media and our politicians fed us.. bottom line this issue is direct cause of 2 main problems Holy wars that have gone on there since biblical times and the monetary war for power and greed. The US wants their cut of iraq's oil that bubbles under their feet just as they wanted but would never tell us the opium fields in Afghanistan.. when Saddam and Iraq said NO its our land, our peoples resources not yours the US intervened and in the end fabricated lies and ousted him as they do to any opposing country's leaders and made the rest of us believe they were the ones entirely in the wrong and the the us govt is their saviors! Bah this has been an ongoing fight and endevor since the generalized politics began.... Did you know that Saddam literally WORKED for the US CIA?? He sure did, before he became ruler of Iraq he helped us oust the leader previous to him! he was called a Jackal.. A Jackal for anyone who doesnt know is a govt employed mercenary that is sent over to take out the leaders of the country opposing the onset of others.. here is how it works They send in Economic Hitmen to the country that has great resources they oppress them in a vicious cycle limiting outsourced resources going there and so on sending the country into more poverty THEN come the hitmen in with their propositions and offers.. if that country does not take any of the offers..then comes the Jackals such as saddam in who literally walk the streets and bribe and pay off citizns to start uprisings against the leader - have it sent out in mass fabricated media and viola once it gets to us the facts are twisted and hidden...we only know what they want us to know... if the jackals does not work then comes the military.. then its over with.. Thats why Saddam was soo hard for us to get for quite some time.. he KNEW how it worked he used to work it - thats why they said he has the highest security possible.. and did well with it. got to give the man credit on that front he was not an unintelligent person in essence even tho we did not entirely agree with his methods. But my friends the point is that HE WORKED FOR US!!! IN OUR VERY OWN CIA!! Let that soak in!

May i recommend you to read a book called Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John perkins... Rather eye opening for sure.. as well as i recommend to everyone i know to watch the link i will post.. Zeitgeistmovie.com.... Addendum --- is mind blowing 2 hr documentary thats beyond informative and that all should see!

in conclusion yes one evil is gone.. but what about all the rest? what about the ones who cant keep their noses out of other countries businesses? the lies. the corruption the list goes on... sad... the world is still imploding in onitself.. We are all beginning to see it... Peace and love.. And saddness on more blood spilled.... blood is blood good or evil.. war is blood.. many are celebrating but why celebrate on the very essence of evil - murder good or evil its still as it stands... And all involved is sickening.. Head bowed to all lost.. and for the fear of whats to come.. we all need to prepare.. not inly for whats seen as coming but NOW for retaliation attempts!... peace love and prayers to all.... Shining



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Ive read articles, saying that the CIA admitted faking bin ladin tapes, between 2002 and now. In another article it states that Bin ladin has been dead since late 2001 early 2002. All on info wars.





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<<< Gama's other half!!..Who the heck "CARED" If he was "ARMED"..He Never gave a SEC. Thought about 9/11..."KUDOS" To Special OP'S..Those Seals Rock!!...They Made History!!..."OBAMA"..For Cleaning Up The "GOP'S"...Mess!!..Of the Past >8 Yrs..But It Ain't Over Til It's Over!!..Just My 2 Cent's Worth!!...lol...Peace!!... :skydive:

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