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Grow Tent Humidity Issues


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hello all, i have a 4x4x6.5 grow tent with t-5 lighting for veg. the humidity level was going down to mid 30's to 40's so i bought a humidifier and still having low humidity levels..


with the humidifier i still can't seem to go over high 40% humidity.. the room its in has higher than the tent..


i have a 4" intake fan for fresh air.. is that too much air coming in? do i need to ajust my fan speed??

i have a timer on it to run every other 15 minutes.. same with the exhaust fan.. the exhaust fan is a 6" cuz i have a


air cooled 1000 wt hps i will finish them off with.. the 6 " is just drawing stail air out of the room right now its not inside the tent pulling air out..


the temp in the tent is steady around 69-72


thanks in advance...

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thank you for that info.. my grow tent is 100 sq ft. my 4" intake is 170 cfm with a floor fan inside.. the intake fan is set to run every 15 minutes.. too long.. too much... not enough... pushing out too much humidity?? would i be better off with a steady flow getting a fan controller? the first week the humidity was at 55 to 60 with no humidifier.. with one only mid 40's now.. ill try the wet towel..




the 6" exhaust fan 440 cfm is set to take out air every 30 minutes in the room cuz i have a door open to the room for now. that will be hooked up to a 1000 hps air cooled light.

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