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Emerald Triangle Seeds

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i put one seed of bubba 76 in water the other day and it cracked open in less than 24 hours with a little tap root sticking out. the next day the tap root was about 1" long and i put it in soil and now im waiting for it to pop out

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What kind of prices do they have? I did not seem to see any on the site


Click on Strains, then click on a particular strain, then choose either

Feminized or Regular (under purchase) and that takes you to the price

of that strain. They do seem competitive

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I have a friend out west who did some testing for Emerald Triangle on a couple of their strains this past year. He says he has had very good results and found excellent keeper phenos so I ordered 4 strains as soon as the seeds were available. Right now I have Bubba 76 and Super Sour OG starting vegetative growth very nicely (3 weeks from germ) and I will be starting Grapefruit Krush and Royal Purple Kush in a couple weeks. Out of the 10 seeds I have started so far all 10 have germed and started healthy growth with no problems. If all turns out well with these strains like I am expecting...I will probably be ordering the Mastodon Kush as well. I will be growing mostly indoor, but the outdoor potential looks good as well.

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