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Hello Everyone

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Hello all,

Ive been posting for awhile but thought I wood formally introduce myself here.I've lived in Michigan

my whole life and have lived everywhere from the U.P. And all over the mitten. In 2008 when the act passed I never really thought I would be a caregiver or patient. The law seemed so daunting and I had conversations with LEO that was giving me the impression that they were not on board. I got involved after a family member was diagnosed with some severe digestive tract complications causing cronic pain. Of course, the docked wanted to push pain meds on my family member. They of course didn't wish to live that lifestyle and became a qualified mm patient instead. Over the course of the next couple months though I saw them constanly getting ripped off in my opinion and wanted to help them get their medicine without having so much cost and dealing with uncompassionate sources.


I'm now just waiting for paperwork to clear. Not long now.:) Since I've been on thi forum I've realized how many issues patients caregivers and med professionals are facing and I want to help however I can. I really wish the mmmp had a better reputation not only in Michigan but across the country. I believe with work though we can get there.


I'm excited to provide for my patient and continue to be an advocate. My goal on this forum and in the mmma is to cultivate relationships that benifit my patient and myself. I hope to see everyone on may 25th in Lansing. I'm in west Michigan currently And would live to Speak to some others in this area.

Thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch.



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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I've met people in this for compassion and for profit. I like

money but, somthing in my stomach goes sour when people talk about making lots of money off of patients. I'd like to think that hippies had It right, sharing food clothes and medicine. I've had so many people help me in this life and want to pay it forward. We all fall to the same end, so why be so greedy. I wish I could prove that point to sen. Jones over a joint around a campfire. Guess I'll have to settle for the loud

voice of the people on the 25th

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