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Questions Regarding The Rally The 25Th!

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Hello, I would like to know about how this is going to be organized? I have many questions.. This will be my first of its kind to attend. So Im not sure what to expect. However Is the MMMA going to have a Tent set up somewhere where people can meet up, get information and so on? This I believe is the most important of the questions I have which include.. Any food provisions? Any porta john set up? You know, the basics...

Ive seen threads on getting the word out, on the after party etc but none on the organization of it so all of us traveling know where to go, whats parking going to be like, where to meet up so its not a kind of free for all I guess... Also while Im thinking about it whats the details on the After party? Where? When? etc.... As well as There have been talk in regards to various guest speakers as well as suggestions of famous people as speakers... Will there be? What will the set up be? How will the timeline go so to speak? And when and how will people find out and know who won the speech contest?

I believe these are essential questions for all of us to know. If Blueberry or someone of the same clout can please let us know the REAL game plan so we arent flying blind in a snowstorm that would be much appreciated!!!

Peace and Love to all!!!! HUGS Shining....

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There are public rest rooms located inside the capital building. The doors to get in are on each side of the steps. When you hit the big round open space there are rest rooms located to the right or left down either of the hallways. When you first go in there is a tour desk to the right and the people there are very helpful.

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Thank you BB :) this is good to know and to put out for others who may, like me, not know what to expect.. this sounds like it will be a good time and I am excited to be having the opportunity to go and join in the fight! Hoping for a huge turnout.... Has there been any kind of idea of numbers that are expected? I know its probably hard to even guesstimate but Im very curious and hoping it will be mind blowing.



420Athiest- Thank you as well.. once I stopped for a cross over at the bus stop many yrs ago in the capitol on my way home from WA state but other then that Ive never before or since been there to the city let alone the building.. so this is entirely new to me. So with that said any info as such is very helpful and again thank you :)



Trippleberry- Your on to something there... ive thought about that part myself when i read it.. Im sure they figured that when the coordinators suggested such and may have loopholes around it.. but as it would seem it would be easy pickens for them ...



BB- With all due respect since the concern was addressed by TrippleB - I must say inquiring minds would also like to know how we will be able to medicate without them trying something any way they can. We've seen how they play. :sword:



Peace and love to all!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soo much for the info again :):thumbsu::goodjob:

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Another point on parking I was able to find a parking ramp so I did not have to worry about running back to put change in. However I think it was probably more expensive. I was there the same day BB was and the halls were filled but parking was still available.


Sessions normally start at 10:00 so for those who want to get there a little early and see our gov in action (or inaction as the case may be) the galleries are open to the public.

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I was at the local hydro shop today and mentioned the rally coming up and no one has even heard about it. Sooooo, I came home today and tried to print off some copies of the flier from this site and wouldnt ya know it, my printer is fragged!!! Anyway, I did make an event page on my facebook account to help get the word out, I hope people share it but its doubtful, I also put an ad under the politics section of craigslist a few weeks ago. Is there anywhere in Livingston county that I can pick up a flier to make copies of? If you know of a place or someone who has extra I wouldnt mind spending the $ to make copies and hand them out to the hydroshops around the area and some other businesses as well. Hope to hear from someone soon!

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