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How To Finish Them?


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Ok so here is the run down.. I just got a new reflector. A king corbra by sunleaves. They seem to love it. I am feeding them dyna bloom about every 4-5 days and every 15th day I just feed water. I have been replacing one of my feeding with big bloom. They are now into the 5th week of flower. Whats the best way to finish them off? I know they should only get water the last two weeks before harvest but up until that time should I keep things the same or maybe stop the dyna and just us the big bloom? I HATE the taste of over nut meds! Is thers anything I can do at this point to bring out the sweetness in the smoke? Thanks for the help

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I would avoid the molasses, it's an archaic method used to add magnesium and micronutrients in a time when commercial fertilizers were rare and expensive. We have much more efficient alternatives these days if you are suffering from deficiencies that do not add that ubiquitous flavor of molasses so prevalent in commercial pot.


My advice would be to continue your current practice, but begin to dilute your ferts over the next 10-15 days. (3/4, 1/2, 1/4 strengths) Then run ph adjusted water till complete, but be careful the plants will need much less water the last two weeks - you don't want to drown the roots of a weakening plant. You may also want to raise the lights a few inchs the last expected week, so that you don't cook off that last rush of trichome development at the top of the plant.


And do remember that at the end, waiting a week too long is much better than harvesting a week too early. Immature buds that look huge at 8wks will shrink by as much as 50% upon drying, hard mature buds hardly shrink at all...

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Molasses is still used by many growers I visit. It provides carbo and sugars when you are in the 'flushing stage'. It does have magnesium, zinc, and calcium - so you do want to check your nutes, and back off the ones that contain that. Some believe it gives the plant its sweeter taste. Good nutrition should be taken as far as you can - 5 weeks is still early, so you should be feeding it still.

You should know when to harvest based on your strain's known flowering time, and reading the trichromes.



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I use molasses at every other watering 5 mL / gal....seems to have good results of course unsulphinated Grandmas is my choice


I have read the molasses provides nourishment to the microrizzhae involved with root structure allowing more nutrient uptake


I would give the nutes up to week 7 than allow at least 1 week of flush


I think I had more resin production because of the added sugars and lower RH of 30 during my flowering but I am still a noob



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