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Ron Paul On Legalizing Drugs

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Ya know, I'd rather have hookers on craigslist than in my neighborhood. Went on Vacation last year and caught my 6 year old kid in the hotel hot tub with a lot lizard.


I'd like to see a experiment on legal hookers & Street drugs in the USA. You could make Detroit for instance a vacation mecca for "alternative junkie/hooker lifestyle type people".

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The Neatherlands have had legalized prostitution and 'regulated' cannabis for decades now and they are still on the map and no one (well almost no one) is running wild in the streets.


But of course their LEO / court / jail system isn't the 'money making machine' that ours is.



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Ron Paul is more than happy to allow states to keep all drugs illegal. When he speaks about "government" he is only speaking of the federal government. States can screew ya over however they want and he would support it.


You have to read between the lines with Paul... ;-)


Hopefully, anyone that holds the views that Ron Paul claims to hold would try and keep the 'Federal' government OUT of state government and then let the 'people' within the states work things out as needed.


Probably wishful thinking, but we can always dream.


The elections in 2012 are going to be 'interesting'.

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Ron Paul wanted to perform an audit of the Federal Reserve long before the "bailout" ponzi scheme.

He is still a politician and ties to some questionable supporters.


He still calls for an audit today. Nothing about the bailout affected his position.


Everyone should be questioned. Real people have questionable supporters, just as politicians.


Ron Paul is the only Republican that has my attention, and has had it for some time.

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