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Aero Feed Timing


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For a cloner a cheapo timer works but I prefer 24 hours (just one less timer to worry about failing)


To get the very best results in veg/flower (ie, low nutrient and water usage with max yield) you really owe it to your plants to get a good timer that can run short durations (In SECONDS). Atlas makes a decent one that I use, 3 seconds on 30 seconds off veg and flower. Keep in mind that if you don't have a pump designed to maintain pressure you may have to adjust, in mine for instance the actual timer is set to 5s on 30s off. The extra 2 seconds are to compensate for the time the pump needs to prime all the sprayers and generate the mist. Your system may vary. Experiment to find the best for your particular set up. Also this will be tough on most pumps not rated continuous duty, it will work, but pumps will fail a bit sooner (usually before the warranty expires so you can get it replaced :D) so keep an extra pump handy for those "oh sh*t" moments.


Going that short of a spray more frequently lets you run a much lower EC, and use much less water. Which means a smaller reservoir for the system, and less money spent for nutrients. I usually max out at 1.0EC in DWC, and .5EC in the Aero (Weeks 6-7) without losing yield. Another bonus from using a lower EC is far less sprayer replacing. Generally during my Aero cycle (2 week veg, 8-10 week flower) I don't have to replace a single sprayer (I do flush the system before adding fresh nutes, warm TAP (I want the chlorine) or warm R.O./De-Chlorinated H2O w/29%H2O2 added at 1ml per gallon. Run through the system for 10 mins). Win win!

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