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Tangerine Dream Clones

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Have you flowered and selected this strain for desirable traits?? The reason I ask is because I got this strain right after it was released (beginning of january), started it right away, and I am only on the 68th day of flowering on my 1st run with harvest being in a few short days. I have searched all over for grow journals in late flowering or a harvest report and have yet to find one. Out of the 5 seeds I started only 4 of them made it to flowering. All of them were the tall sativa dominant version. One of them hermied in the 5th week, one of them is verrrrry low in the yield dept, one has had nutrient deficiancies the entire time, however I did find one plant that has shown excellent qualities and will be a beast of a yielder. Pending quality of harvest I may have found the Sativa dominant keeper, but did not receive the Indica dominant Pheno in my pack. I would love to get my hands on it... so if you have had personal experience growing this strain and have the indica dominant pheno let me know...I would be very interested...

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Have any photos of this strain in flower ? Being a newer release theres not many images available . She is a wicked fast growing lady for sure .


Sure do I will take some newer ones tomorrow as its kinda late and been a long long day! Very fast grower with major stretch in flower. I didn't top and I wish I did.






These pics are just under 2 weeks old I think...

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Tangerine Dream at 68 days...The cola is 24" from top to bottom. The plant is 80" tall. Sorry for the bad quality pics I cant find the USB cord to my good camera...My phone takes horrible pictures.


Why do i wanna cradle that in my arms ? lol, Beautiful !

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I have the hazy more sativa dominant pheno that produces huge colas and yields. If anyone needs clones PM me and we can go from there...


ah, decisions decisions lol, looks AMAZING! cant wait to start seein some colas like that!


I think we harvested like 3 grams of a hermie like 17 days into flowering lmao, pretty sad harvest but was a good laugh. Later.

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welp... OD i had pm's going and he said he had one for me but i havent heard back from him since the 8th. nothing like getting one hopes up and then dissing them... story of my life! :notfair:


Sorry man been insanely busy at work this week, no time for anything. I sent you a PM and will have time on Sunday to meet up or early next week. If still interested please let me know. Thanks...



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