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Happy Mother's Day

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Just wanted to wish you all




Below are some of the Flowers

I got Jane for Mothers Day ...




Here is an Outside Basket




Here are a couple flower bags i got Jane






Here is what i got My Mom




Here is what i got a few Friends



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Well as a Mother Id like to say Thank you Gentlemen!!!! Hugs to ALL for the kind wishes and a Happy Mothers day to all your ladies as well!! Peace and love to all!! :wub::blow-a-heart::bighug:


OD LOVE the beautiful picture you found....




MOM- :mom: Happy mothers day tho u are not here to celebrate with your children and grandchildren.. god knows your missed every day!!! That goes for Grandma Frances J, Grandma Marion K, Grandma Vera and all other loved ones gone! Peace and love forever :notfair::mom:


Happy Mothers Day mom!! rip


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Happy Mothers Day to my lovely wife of 30 years and the blessings of three beautiful children, to my daughter for a beautiful granddaughter, to all of the spouses and mothers of all on this site, have a wonderful and blessed day. As my Father-in-Law, Paul used to say, may he Rest in Peace, "If it wasn't for your Father, would your Mother be your Mother, so be good to Dad on Mother's Day"!!! Jimmyd

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