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Standards For Legal Growroom


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Where can I find a guide for the state rules of legal growrooms from locks to who do I call to inspectit and how much


Welcome to the neighborhood!


Yes as people have suggested read the law, get to know it front to back.


In the grow room forum you can find all the information needed to set up your grow area and if not ask and someone will offer up suggestions. Two basics only the patient and caregiver are allowed in the grow area all access doors to grow area have to have locks, windows also if there are any.


If you need electrical work or carpentry advertize in the classified sections you can also find people willing to help through a compassion club and I would highly suggest finding one in your area and joining.


Do not take this the wrong way but you sound very naive to the law and what your requirements are and a CC is the best place besides here to learn all you need to know.


If you're a hands on type person you can set up your own grow area but if you are not sure then definitely get someone who has set up other grows to lend a hand and worse case scenario you may need to spend a few hundred dollars to pay someone.


But just remember what you are having this area set up for and the fewer people know what you are doing the better off you will be.


Stay legal and you'll be fine.



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