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Hello Everyone

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Hey guys, I thought I'd pop in and say "Hello."


A while ago I was having some problems with anxiety (or maybe depression, I don't know), and I went to my doctor to see what he could do. He wanted to put me on "happy pills" (I know they aren't that extreme, I'm just hesitant about antidepressants after a few kids from my hometown committed suicide because of them), but I didn't want to use them. I went on like normal until I went to my friend's house to hang out. I'd never been there, but I knew that he was a marijuana smoker. I'd always been in favor of legalizing it, but didn't really know much about it other than that most of what the anti-drug commercials told me was moo poo.


I was a bit "down in the dumps" that day and my friend offered out a hand holding a joint. I never really knew what I would do when I was offered my first hit of weed, but you bet your donkey I took a hit...and to no avail. He told me that it was normal to not get high the first one or two times somebody smokes, so I agreed to try it again at a later date. That date presented itself after a local semi-pro baseball game when we smoked again, this time in his car. Boy, did I love it that time.


The sensation was unlike anything I'd felt before, I was floating in the car seat, everything was hilarious, food was amazingly delicious, and I didn't have a care in the world. After we drove around for a bit he dropped me off at my house. For the first time in a few years I slept like a baby and actually felt refreshed in the morning. I continued to smoke very sparingly (as I couldn't afford that much) for a few months and everything was going a lot better whenever I had the marijuana. Then my father was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. By this time I had learned a lot about medical marijuana and I pleaded with him to get a card for it. He was an old-fashioned guy though, and he stubbornly refused, even in light of his dwindling body weight and intense pain.


But this isn't about him, and I'm not trying to guilt you into siding with me, but this event is related to why I am here. As you can imagine, the period of time when he was put into hospice and his subsequent death was hard to bear. Even now, over a year later, I still sometimes lose sleep at nights or shed a few tears when something reminds me of him. My worrying during the time immediately before and after his death caused me to start to have sharp stomach pains, more so at nighttime and right when I would awake each morning. I went to the same doctor as before and he said that my anxiety/worrying had caused me to develop "gastric ulcers." I had heard of ulcers before, but wasn't exactly sure of what the "gastric" part meant. He prescribed me 40mg of Omeprazole (generic for Prilosec), to be taken once daily before a meal. My stomach pain decreased in general, but I would sometimes still wake up with the same stabbing pain in my stomach if I had rolled over onto my stomach during my sleep or had drank any alcohol the night before (and I mean any, I'm not a big drinker by any means. One drink and I would feel like I was getting stabbed in the morning).


I continued to take the Omeprazole for a while. I should also mention that at this time my friend who had been selling me my marijuana moved away so I was without it for the majority of the summer after his death. Once I found a new source of it, I began to notice that it greatly reduced both my anxiety and the pain that it caused (I could wake and bake and not have to wait forty minutes for my Omeprazole to kick in so I could feel better). I kept on getting it from my new source until a few months ago when it too became unavailable to use. At that time I was left with the only option of smoking on the rare occasion I ventured to my friend's house who lives a half hour away (with gas how it is this doesn't happen often).


A few weeks ago, I met the guy my friend gets his weed from, who gets it legally for his scoliosis. He liked to chitchat and eventually the topic came around to how we all got into smoking and I told him what was up. He said that I should inquire at a dispensary about whether or not I could be prescribed medicinal marijuana for my habitual stomach pain and my lack of appetite (I should also mention that I am now on Adderall for ADHD and I've lost a good 15-20 pounds from having no appetite. It also destroys my sex drive. Weed fixes both things when I take them in tandem). At first I was pretty skeptical about the chances of getting prescribed it when you always hear that it's just for conditions that are more severe, like glaucoma or cancer. I felt like they would see me and think I was a wuss or that I should just suck it up and go work out or something. He insisted that I should at least tell somebody what was up and that there was no harm in putting it out there, so here I am.


I'm not expecting much, but this method felt safer than waltzing into a dispensary and going "I'm sad, weed please," expecting results. I'd like to know what people think on these forums. Should I even try? Or am I making something out of nothing? My dad always pressured me to be tough and not act like my problems are worth anything, so I have the feeling that this isn't as big of a deal as I am making it out to be.


Thanks for any feedback,




PS. Sorry to flood an "Introductions" board with my life story, but I didn't know where else I should post to inquire as to what I should do. Thanks again!

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well you need to get your card to go into any dispensaries and have a card for patient to patient transfer or purchasing overages from a caregiver,there are many clinics the days depending where your from that doctors can write you a prescription,they dont have medicine for sale,after send in your check to the state they have 20 days to send you your card(most cards are taking up to 4 months to get out) but you are legal with your paper work at 21 days,and most worthy caregivers will require this no ands if's or butt's if they dont require this,I'd move along.....good luck many ppl are helped b this wonderful herb.

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Get your medical records. Find a doctor who will see you, check your records and if you qualify, Dr. will write you a recommendation...

not a prescription. Make sure your certification papers are complete. Send those w/ a check (you can track that easier).

MDCH cashes most checks right away but, you still have to wait 15 days for a denial letter. If you do not receive a denial letter, after 20 days from the date your check was cashed, you are a legal patient. It is taking about 4 months for plastic cards.


There are many clinics you can go to if you do not feel comfortable talking with your Primary Doc.

Most charge a fee. If you are not disabled your actual card will cost $100.00 also. That is what

you send to the State though. Dr's have different fee scales. Look around the site there are clinics, and

doctors right here if you don't have one locally.


Good luck.

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