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Is There A Veterinarian In The House?

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OK I'm sure this is likely in the wrong category. And I know you all have heard it before. But I need help. I have both cats and kittens. My oldest cat just celebrated her 16th birthday with a nose full of freshly grown cat nip. But here's the thing.....


Three months ago I lost her younger sister (younger by 3 months). It seemed that at the end she was in terrible pain and I wondered about exposing her to some dried weed or even a bit of smoke. At any rate I did not act on it because she had no real choice and because I have absolutely NO idea how they react internally to weed. What if it had amped her pain? Do felines also have CBD receptors in their brains as we do?


Now her sister cat is starting to go slowly down that road. There are days when the sparkle is out of her eyes, all she wants to do is curl up on my neck and sleep. You can see in her eyes that every step hurts. Should I give her some medicinal mj? Do you think it would help the pain? She has her own set of stairs to be able to climb into my bed at this point but she stands there for quite a while now. You can tell she is weighing the pain going down is going to cause vs. what ever she is going down for.


I'm serious and i hope someone out there has some real knowledge.


Don't get me wrong. For years when I would smoke the cats that stayed in the room seemed to get whack; but then again, was it them or was it all me? One of my big boy weggie cat loves the days when he can sit under the chair that I am in when trimming a plant. He loves to eat the stuff and it appears to have no ill affects on him. Can't tell if it does anything else cause he is an alpha cat donkey clown anyway and running around terrorizing and scaring the beejesus out of the betas tickles the crap out of him. He would walk on the ceiling, upside down if he could figure a way to get his paws to stick. He is also the cat who will patiently lie beside me while I use the vape and get right in my face as I exhale. Does he really think that I think he keeps picking that particular moment to kiss me for being a good kitty mom? Over and over?


But what about a sick old lady cat --- or am I just way over-thinking this?


I'd appreciate any real help anyone can give; particularly if you are a vet type person who knows anything about pot and my cat's body and brain.



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My family used to run a boarding kennel, so I feel I have more than basic knowledge of pets.


My 14 yr old cat does have arthritis, any mammal can get it.


Animals are familiar with plants, and they can dose themselves if they have access to a plant. Do not feed them medibles, or blow smoke in their face, or give it buds or hash. The leaf has the pain reliving CBD/CBN/CBG and the animal can learn how much to take by chewing a leaf. I notice that cat will not eat dried, or leaf left on the floor, it has to be on the plant. The good news is, a medium to large plant will not be harmed by a cat chewing on several leaves - the cat or dogs avoid buds too.


Negative effects are increased heart rate, nausea/vomiting, and a unhappy pet with anxiety. Vomiting is a sign that the pet can be allergic to marijuana (people can be allergic to marijuana - read!)


You will see a change in behavior, my older cat acts younger, is more active, and eyes appear more alert - all good signs of a happy animal.


We all are God's Creatures, and Marijuana is God's plant - there is a message waiting for you..



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My current feline friend (17) has alway's been a finicky eater and would never eat any veggies. Recently he became very ill and wasn't eating, and previous experience encouraged me to share one or two puffs with my friend. He really doesn't care for smoke and would retreat to the bedroom, but heartily would pop out in half an hour and hit the kitchen for some munchies. Just remember that they are 20x smaller than the average person when calculating their dose.


BTW, cats respond very well to the Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements, and the Cosequin brand has worked well in helping my buddy deal with his arthritis symptoms.

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Greetings treehugger and The Digital Nomad and thank you both for your wise advice. The little minx that needs it ignores it in planter form and in dried form. She will come up to me and sniff if I am smoking. I have two young boy weggies -- 3 to 4 times her size and weight -- and both VERY vigorous. They will not stay in the room if I smoke; however, both of them go after plants and plant matter....ie, dried leaves and bud on the floor. I'm just confused and distressed that she appears to be winding down a bit. Actually she hit kitty lotto when a friend brought her to me at about 5 weeks old. What ever happens she has led a long, happy life -- so far. If I could bring her any more joy from an herb or two I would in a second.


Thank you again.



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I never thought to try dried leaves or plants with cats, maybe i'll give it a shot sometime, see if they like it. One of my cats likes smoking it, I guess he developed a taste for it from being around us when we smoke. Sometimes when we open the tin, or start coughing, he'll come running. When he's up here, we'll blow a little smoke in front of him, not directly in his face, then he can stretch out & sniff if he wants & when he has enough he leaves. So I figure, we're not coercing him to do it, he just seems to like it. He's the only one of five cats that does it.


Oh if you try letting cats have access to plants, watch them because they like to dig in dirt. I had a couple houseplants ruined by cats years ago, ffrom them digging.


Hope your cat feels better, it's tough when a long time companion gets sick. I feel for you.

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