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Good Golly! Free Mmj?

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Pubdate: Sat, 07 May 2011

Source: Great Falls Tribune (MT)

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Author: Shawn Palmer





Wow, Republican legislators have figured out a new way to regulate -- take the money out. You can still raise medical marijuana; you just have to give it away.


Isn't giving things away what charitable organizations do? Will the Catholic Church and Salvation Army start raising medical marijuana? Too bad they hadn't thought of this in the 1920s. Prohibition would have been so much more successful. Sure, you can serve all the alcohol you want, you just can't take any money for it.


Where else might Republicans apply this new logic? Abortion can remain legal; it's just that service providers won't get paid for their work. We could legalize prostitution, but, once again, service providers would have to donate their labors. I look forward to the day when I can leave the grocery store and not have to pay for what I take with me.


Wait a minute! This idea of not getting paid for what you produce, and instead you have to share with everyone else -- isn't that socialism?


Shawn Palmer



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It's their way of making it so no one does it. Yes, there are a few saints out there that spend their own time and money and give away all of their labors, then there are those of us who want to help, but can't afford to do it free, then there are those who exploit the system (I'll ignore this last part for this topic).


By saying you can't charge anything at all, there are only the few saints that will be able to do it. Meaning 90% of the patients that need it won't have access to it. It is what a lot of MI townships are trying to do, make it so no one will do it, but it is legal, so it can't be challenged. If they say it is illegal, it can be challenged, if they say it is "legal, but you have to follow the rules", it is a LOT harder to contest.


Anyway, this is just one of those points where I love how republicans are fighting and fighting for small government, then stand up and say they need to regulate... Which is it? Make up your mind please, then we can talk.

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