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Led Lights


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yesterday I was helping a buddy of mine pick out some light for his first grow. he had asked me if I knew any thing about the LED grow lights. I told him I knew nothing about them as far as growing goes I use T5's and HPS lighting and that works just fine for me and that was what I turned him on to but now my gears are grinding and i wanna know how the LED lights work for growing are they a waste of time and money how do they compare to other forms of lighting (T5's,HPS,MH)I know LED lights are great for other applications but just how good are they for plant growth????

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Manufacturers of lights other than MH or HPS always try to compare themselves to MH and HPS.


There is a reason for this. You can call a Chevette a vette, but it is no Corvette.


Other forms of lighting are more energy efficient, but lack in lumens. You need a high amount of lumens to travel through many layers of leaves.


Also, you can't add lumens from different bulbs. Buying a whole bunch of LED panels does not equal a high amount of lumens from a single bulb.


The idea is to reproduce the sun. Stare at the summer sun for one second. Now stare at a 1,000 watt MH or HPS bulb. Now stare at a LED. Get the point ??


I feel they are OK for side lighting, or under plant lighting. Also fine for hanging between two hoods with real lights, for filling in the shadows a little bit.


Good genetics only go so far. Re-creating the summer sun is so important. Use real 1,000 watters if you can. Go down only to real 600 watters, at worse.

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I'm using an ufo led right now from growdaddygrow.com (not advertisement, but their's different ones want to show what works for me). I used it during veging and the thing took off like a mad plant very nice through veg. I'm about 5 weeks into flowering right now and it's doing great also. I'm not a pro on it though cause this is my first grow ever, and haven't harvested yet. Advantage: No heat, low wattage, low electric bill, easy to hang to different areas of room, light in weight, no sound/very little, did I mention no heat lol. Disadvantage: Can't hold many plants under it 1-2 max, also doesn't penetrate plant very much with the light so you might get more dead leaves towards the bottom compared to a hps/halide. Hope this helps if you have anymore questions about them please let me know. My conclusion is they are great for 1-2 plants so far, but they would be too expensive and inefficient for bigger grows. Awesome for closet grows if you're going that route.

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