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Medical Marijuana Month On Daytime Tv

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MedicalMarijuana Month on daytime TV




February is medical marijuana month. Not sure if mainstreammedia was aware, but the topic popped up left and right last week. Here aresome clips from “The Doctors”, “Tyra”, and (wait for it…) “Shatner Raw” – aninterview with the always delightful Whoopie Goldberg. A note to “The Doctors”~ Regarding your concern about Medical Cannabis prescriptions, it is far easierin this country to get a prescription for an Opiate, to have it paid for byinsurance and even delivered to one’s front door. After some education aboutthe medical benefits of Cannabis, any doctor should support it’s wide use. Weneed to focus our concern on the drugs that are killing Americans left andright: Pharmaceuticals, not on a ‘drug’ that has never killed anyone. ThisHerbal remedy is 4000 years old. You must ask yourself why then do we have thisview of dirty potheads and bad, lazy people when we hear “marijuana”? It is theresult of a carefully crafted plan called “Reefer Madness” and most of us arestill under it’s sway. The history of marijuana prohibition is an interestingone, and does not have scientific backing. The science supported legalizingthis benign substance. Here, Nixon gives us one example of the politics behindprohibition – bit.ly For a more in-depth look at the whole sordid story, watchthe History Channel’s “Hooked: Illegal drugs and how they got that way” –bit.ly Cannabis has been found to treat opiate and alcohol addictions – bit.lyIt is safer than everything




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