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Starting A Compassion Club In St. Clair County

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Hello everyone, I am in the process of getting a compassion club up in running in St. Clair County. We plan on having regular meetings in Port Huron and are in the process of getting a website up and running and finding a location for our meetings.


If you're interested in being involved, learning more about the law, or networking with other patients or caregivers please come check us out.


Our website is http://www.stclaircountycc.org or look us up on Twitter or Facebook.




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We are also in need of a location to use for a couple hours a week for our meetings. If anyone would like to offer space for us please email admin@stclaircountycc.org - Thanks!


Are you looking for private meetings or will these be public meetings. If public check with your local libraries(most are free), churches and even faternal clubs like Knights of Columbus, Eagles or even Moose lodges will rent their halls out for public meetings. MOCC uses Knights of Columbus halls for 4 hours at a cost of $100.00 for public meetings. In which they do let us hold live demo's. Just need to check with these places on what your allowed to do.


Good Luck and thanks for taking the intuitive to start one up there. We are lacking in bona fide compassion clubs to educate and help the non patients who don't know where to start.

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