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Urgent: A Thought On Jen's Story Being Heard

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OD and I were talking about this situation... Ive said from the start get Jen up on Skype and video feed her to a Projector screen so she can still tell her story.. I guess this should have been thought of for many different reasons for those who werent able to make it whose story needs to be heard... anyways, it would be amazing if we could MAKE a way for them to be heard..set up a time for these women to get online and speak..or video tape them quickly beforehand and play it AT the rally....

The only other option we can think of and offer is our home today or tonight.. for someone with a camera and the Ladies to come over and speak their stories on video for the rally, this way they dont have to be excluded due to the stupid probation and regulations set on jen and barbies new job... this should not hinder the masses from hearing their stories.. i know lots of people who are going there for support who are not associated with the MMMA - with this in mind im sure there are many more and those people need to hear of these other people's stories.. these are just ideas i know its sooo soon 2 days.. but im sure with the computer geniuses we know and everyone else in between who knows of this stuff that this could be a snap really with the right setup and equipment.. maybe network to our brothers and sisters and see if we can make this reality for these women.. being one myself i give them my heart for what they are being put thru.. i wouldnt want it to be me and our family.. this needs to be heard even their voices...thanks guys thought id throw it out there.. itd be a nice gesture as well if we could all pull it off to show more people we will go and continue to that extra mile for our fellow people.. because essentially they are just like us.. peace and love.. Shining and OD :thumbsu::wub:

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