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Still Have Not Received Legal Confirmation (Card)


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It's been 8 months since I filed to transfer a patient to myself, and still no word or card. What should I do ?


Hope this helps. First, don't possess plants or meds in excess of the valid ID cards you do have. Second, no word or card from the state may mean they lost your request form and you may have to reapply but you do need to contact them...but expect another delay for a reply and often they will not reply ever. Third, you have the right to go to the MMMP office at 611 West Ottawa Street in Lansing and request speaking in person to someone from that office in the building lobby. Take your driver license, your MMMP ID card(s), and literally a lot of patience and non-confrontational attitude. Where you meet them will be in front of a Security Guard. The state issued ID card(s) you do possess have numbers that link to any other ID cards assigned to you which is why you need to take them in. The MMMP office has the ability to research card problems via their databases but they may not do so while-you-wait. Have patience, be courteous, yet expect them to perform their duties as required of them by law. Good luck.

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