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Seeking Donations For 3 Cancer Patients

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I just want to clarify the donations that these Cancer patients need is not monetary it is medicine that they need and like the gentleman that just got diagnosed with leukemia does not have time to wait until his caregiver can produce the amount needed these patients need this oil now asap and the only way we can accomplish this task is from the donations of others even I can not grow the amount needed. None of these patients that we assist with the cannabis oil have to pay for it all we want is updates on there condition and for them to improve there health and wellbeing. Believe me when I say this that there is no greater reward for the heart and soul than to learn that donation from what you produced saved there life or greatly relieve there suffering.

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I am located in Saginaw and Peanbuttter is located in Dexter but we would love to see people all over the state doing the same thing we are doing and that is simply helping those who need this oil. The Cannabis Cancer Project is going to Be up at Brads House in Cheboygan giving a free free oil extraction demonstration Saturday June 4th

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Alright ..


The last time I asked for donations to help a cancer patient, I was criticized for doing so here.


I guess some thought it was a bad thing to do. Trying to help a patient.


We need BUD to work with ASAP.


So Please .. if you have the bud right now, consider trying to keep one or more of us alive. I say us because this is for members of our community here.


thank you



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Cancer patients, using Rick Simpson oil, can deplete entire harvests for one single patient.


It's hard to provide for these patients. To grow the quantities needed would put any single grower well over limits.


There are times that I've purchased materials to work with. Nothing like buying a quarter pound to cook and then give away.


It happens.


Neither John or myself have enough for the patients that are asking right now.


If you can help without driving yourself into need, please give.


AGAIN only IF you can do it without driving yourself into need.

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