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Need Transmission Work On A 99 Saturn

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I don't know if this is the spot to place this or not. I didn't want to use the classifieds, because this is time sensitive. Mods, please move it if it's accordingly.




My girlfriend's transmission just went out on her 99 Saturn. I figured I'd try to keep the money in the community and see if I can get a good rate too.


Any mechanics on the board? Or if anybody knows somebody that is needing cash or meds (with valid proof of certification), send em my way.






I hate having car problems! :growl:

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Hey My boy owns a shop at 15 & Livernois, "My car care" is the name of his shop.


1-248-269-9054 Ask for Ken..


1890 Thunderbird St. ,Troy MI 48084


Let him know I had you call, I have to go up there today, or tomorrow.. if you wanna go up there, I'll swoop you up.


Anywho, call him up let me what he says... he's not a trans shop but he can do them or knows of a place.. just let him know I had you call...pz brother


Trix :bong2:

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Thanks guys!


I just turned into 'Edward Scissor Hands' trying to come up with money for the repairs.


I haven't called your boy yet Trix due to the holiday weekend.



Anybody else know any affordable mechanics that can do a transmission.


The estimate we got so far for $1,500

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