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Rally Pics In My Gallery! :)

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Hey guys, Shining here, thought Id drop a line to let everyone know that the pictures I took at the rally are now up under my gallery. I was bummed out I didnt get more the rain made it real hard to do that.. and we didnt stay long after at the Loft so forgive me lol.. BUT it is something..

I only ask that if you recognize someone in the pics please (unless its ok with all involved) dont put names n such under any comments.. and i hope i dont anger anyone since i couldnt get everyones permission to photograph them.. so if you happen to be in a shot terribly sorry.

Photography is one of my passions and loves, I hope to hear back from people in what they think but please i dont need any negative comments.. so as the phrase goes "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!"

Peace love and hope you enjoy! oh yes side note - I wanted to arrange them in order but this program does not allow me too.. only allows by comment, date upload etc... here are a couple to get ya going ;)










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