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What Does A Locked Enclosed Facility Mean?


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Locked, No way in without commiting the felony of breaking and entering to gain access, or even the misdemenor of illegal entry if you should say pick the lock and dont actaully damage the property.


So if you have to gain access illegally, its a Locked facility.


Enclosed. any thing could be construed as enclosed. a house, shed, room, ect, typcally, an area fully surrounded by walls, generally with a roof top, but not always. a dog kennel can be an enclosed area.


a fenced in gated yard can be an enclosure, a coloseum can also be an enclosure. but generally, i would say a place of rigid walls where access is only gained thru doorways or other purpose built access, where any other type of access would be contrued as illegal entry.



so lets look at a typical fenced in yard. 4 ft high fence all the way around. only purpose access is thru the garage only. garage is locked, home is locked, only access to the enclosed, fenced in yard, is locked. but with only a 4ft fence, this can be easily hurdled by both man and animals for instance, deer, cats, dogs, ect... so access to a back yard, while illegal entry, can happen without too much issue.


now lets look at a not so typical back yard, or maybe a dog kennel.


fully enclosed in fence that is 8 ft tall with a barbed wire top, and also a concrete foundation to prevent dig under.


one gated and locked entry. now getting into this place is much more difficult for man to gain simple access too. distruction of property would likely need to be gained for access to the ENCLOSED part of the Facility. thus any non authorized entry, would be in the felony status of the law. while it is topless, you cant simply jump over the top like you can a 4 ft fence.


If 8 to 10ft fences with barbed/razor wire is adequate to keep Prisoners in our Michigan Prisons, ie keep people INSIDE an Enclosed/Locked Facility, then one is left to conclude, it also can keep people OUT of an Enclosed Locked facility. In my personal and humble opinion, this is an undeniable fact presented and proven by over 100years of secure prisons in Michigans long imprisonment history.


ofcourse any rigid build structure with a tight built roof that is up to local structure coding would/should also qualify.

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Any wall can be breached, that isn't the point. Prison yards are open to the air, but that isn't the point. What is the point is that due diligence is undertaken to the point a jury will feel there has been a well thought out effort to enclose and secure the facility.


In a house, a room with secured windows (or better yet no windows) enclosed with a locked door which is posted should show such diligence. Same can be said of a basement or attic with a locked door.


I've seen one outside grow, it was made of cattle panel (heavy duty wire) with a locked and secured door and seems to have been approved by local LEO. Key on this facility is that it was secured to the ground, covered on all sides and the top, in a relatively private location and no parts of the plants were sticking out of the fencing.


Indoor grows are private and can easily be secured. I would suggest, prior to growing outside, that you consider your relationship with your LOCAL LEO and PROSECUTOR. Consider discussing your proposal with them and get their thoughts on it. If they give their blessings, you are golden, if not, decide if you want to be a test case- and specifically see what their actual objections are. If they objections can be overcome (say they want an inner barrier of chicken wire to assure nothing sticks out of the panels, offer to do just that and see if they are ok with that).


My personal, non attorney, thoughts are that if you can pull it off, the more outdoor grows we can get approved, the more normal they become. By taking the approach I recommended, working with local LEO if they are somewhat friendly, we take the wind out of the sails of the prosecutors. I can't imagine a prosecutor going to court knowing you will present the discussion you had with them prior to growing and your compliance with their recommendations as part of your defense.


If I was going with an outdoor grow, I would enclose it on all sides and the top, stake it or bury it in the ground, and have a 6 foot non-lethal electric fence around it. Let them try and say I didn't make a solid effort to enclose and secure that....


Dr. Bob

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Sorry Dr. Bob, but with all of the problems that others have had with LEO, I would consult an attorney. Too many police still see us as an enemy, and will use any information to their advantage, and against you.


Agree with the attorney issue. We have pretty good folks here and in Gaylord as far as LEO/Prosecutors go but it is case by case.


Dr. Bob

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OOO bye the way drive by Kinross State Prison .


Send us a picture of the roof on the fenced in enclosure

they use to keep prisoners inside


Exactly! But again when it come to interpreting things we have to remember that most of these people are the same ones that say cannabis doesn't have any medical value.


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