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Thank You, My Wonderful Family!

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My dear friends, you have become such a special part of my life. We truly are a Community. Your Compassion is a shining example of why it was worth the struggle for me to get down there to stand with all of you. There's so much I want to say and so many I want to thank personally, I hope I don't forget anyone, but if I do, please know it was totally unintentional. I only wish our opponents could understand and realize the True Meaning of COMPASSION. For a short time, you helped a scared, lonely woman feel wanted, needed, and gave me a sense of belonging I can never adequately express, but it might come out in another song. I had a nice idea for one but forgot it, was so tired, though I did manage to write down one idea for a very special song to someone here.


Blueberry, a combination of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, fighting with all you have, for our rights. Sometimes I get frustrated when you don't answer a question, or when you don't answer my e-mail, OR your phone, but I always remember how much stress and pain you endure every day, 24/7. I wish we could pull enough funds together to send you on a nice, well deserve vacation. You put up with so much, and are always there to give, even though you are tired and hurting. The brief time i spent with you and your wife was wonderful. I can't say enough about my deep appreciation for all you do.


Michael, I can't thank you enough for all you do for our cause. You and Bb looked so exhausted, yet still found time to say hello to me, although you were tired and busy. More than anything, I wanted to come back and sit in that room with my guitar. I had picture to show everyone, and a couple of toys, plus I had hoped to speak with both of you for a few minutes. Thank you for being there and helping patients get their story out. You have given so much, I wish we could do something real nice for you, too.


Bob and Torey, if there's a way, I will be at your trial. I want to see a defense fund set up for you, you've asked for help a few times, if anyone is deserving of it, it's both of you. You, as well as so many in similar situations, that is the reason I came down to Lansing. Although I am still very sore and tired physically, my heart has been filled with a Joy my words cannot adequately express. If I can, I'll be closer to you all so I can be there to support you at your court dates, and celebrate your victories with you.


shiningheartwoman, when you introduced yourself to me I almost fainted. It means more to me than you could know, that you spoke to me. Any and all bad feelings are completely gone.


ODAWADANNY, thank you for what you said on here to me. There are no more hard feelings. We all disagree sometimes, but our common bond is so much stronger.

eman66, geesh, you were on the same bus with me and I didn't know! I was hoping we could talk and jam together. I wish you and your wife the best, and your band, too, which I still haven't heard, though I know the video is available. When I can unwind, I will watch it, if my computer behaves. I love watching videos but can't always get to see them without technical snags..


mmmasupporter, I hope we can jam together someday, too.


Garfield, if you were there, I'm sorry I didn't meet you. Thanks for helping make this site so WONDERFUL! I remember when I first came here and had tech probs, what a way for me to get started by complaining. That was so embarrassing. :blush: I also wanna thank you again for calling me that week I couldn't stay logged in here.


PetoskyStoned, I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet you and if I could, I'd be there for you and your family. I hope we can all meet in happier times, but if not, at least we can spend time together as a Family.


Bubblegrower, I wanted to meet you, too, though I have a feeling you weren't there. I know you hate politics, and so do I, but thanks for all you do here. Shortly after I first joined, we were in chat together, I asked questions about growing, although I knew I'd prob'ly never be able to, but still wanted to understand the process, to give me a better appreciation of what it takes to produce quality medicine.


Q-tipper, thank you for all you do and for the kind letter you sent me.


THANK YOU to the people who helped me protect my guitar, camera, and speech during the rally.


zaptosunidos, What you have done for me is beyond any words I could ever say to accurately express my appreciation. You rescued me from a fate worse than death. I'm not exaggerating. I know you understand. Thank you for taking the time from your plans to help me.


Robin from Capitol City Compassion Club, thanks to you and everyone who was so kind to me. I've never been treated so kindly, it was something new to me. Not since I was very young, has anyone taken me out for the day and treated me like I was someone special. I hope I can do that for someone else one day. Now I think I understand the true meaning of "paying it forward." I want to make someone feel as special as you have made me feel. Thank you so very much for rescuing me. My bus trip was much better. Thank you for taking time from your day to give me a day I'll always remember and cherish FOREVER.


Shannon, I'm so glad we met. I wish you all the best.


Whoever created Kush, THANK YOU! When I was teary and shaky, Kush calmed me down and helped me feel better.


To the woman who gave me her raffle ticket, I don't recall your name, but Thank You again.


Santa's Helper, awhile ago, Bb told me something like, because of you, people can believe in Santa Claus. If ever there was someone like that, as soon as I saw you and shook your hand, I knew it was true. I wish I could get to know you, and so many others here.


Budhabit, Thanks for being there and thanks for all you do. Because of you, a little girl and her family also know the true Meaning of Compassion. When she grows up, she'll tell everyone of your kindness and all you went through to help make her life enjoyable. She will vote and speak out about this wonderful healing plant and how it saved her life.

Many other people came up to me to introduce themselves. I was so sore and tired, but happy to have been able to make it down there, to stand with all of you. The song I wrote was inspired by many of you.


Mayorshaggy37, thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me, and for helping us get our stories out there. I'm so glad you liked the song. As soon as I feel better I will start recording a few versions of it and you can pick the best one. I will register it with the copyright office, but if any royalties come from it, I want them to go into a defense fund.


I was told by Michael on his show that I'd have a T-shirt from 3MA, which I really wanted, and mentioned it to the lady doing the raffle. I hoped to get it there, and give a cash donation, so I wouldn't have to worry about the M word on any paperwork or correspondence.


Tarzan, I'm so sorry we didn't meet. Please don't ever feel bad about being there for your patients instead of hanging out with us. You are a true leader and I'm so glad you have so much room in your heart, as so many others do here. You describe yourself as mentally disabled, but I think you are wrong- it's those without compassion who are the true mentally disabled among us. Your patients are lucky to have you. I'm glad you were there for awhile. The night I was told I won the contest, as I was looking at the list to see who was on, as soon as I saw your name, I knew who to give the grow light to, without a doubt. Had you not accepted it, I would've given it to bubblegrower, had he not accepted it, I thought I might give it to Trix.


smokeythebear, thank you for being at the bus station for me and please Thank your CC for the bus ride and the yooper shirt.


To the man who offered me the meds, Thank you again for your very kind offer, I hope someone who's terminally ill was able to accept it and find some well deserved relief.


Others I hoped to meet: EdwardGlen, 420Atheist, Bill & Candy, Kingpinn, Trix, among others.


I hope 1tokeovertheline is ok, I often think of him and pray he'll recover and return to us.


At the moment I can't think of anyone else in particular, though I'm prob'ly missing someone, who I'll gladly mention when my mind will finally realize I really did go there and now I'm back home.


Although I don't believe in a God, I will say this to anyone who does, GOD BLESS YOU!


Sincerely, with ALL MY HEART, Silverblue :wub: ;wub: :wub:

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Some very kind people have offered to help me repay my debt BUT I would much rather see it put into a defense fund for Bob & Torey, and anyone else who needs it if their debt doesn't wipe out the whole fund. I wish we could all pledge something each month to help anyone who needs it.


LOL Bb, but I have plenty of time, I wish I could give some away.


Sincerely, Sb :wub::bighug:


P.S. I'm not a hero, just someone who has a LOT of Love to give. Thank you all for giving me the chance to belong someplace as special as this very loving community.

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hi Sho, thank you very much. I wish more of the others had introduced themselves to me. I'm working on being at the barbecue so I hope to get the chance to make up for not doing the things I wanted to. I'm really upset I didn't meet eman and the others I mentioned missing.


You all have truly defined the real meaning of Compassion. I wish everyone could know this wonderful feeling. You are all heroes to me.


Well, the nice outfit I wanted to wear at the Loft will be ready for the next event.



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Your strength is shining through!! I read every word, one of the best letters to the members I have ever read here.


You truly enjoyed being with and meeting the people that make this site what it is.


I could not be there, upper respiratory infection, no money for Dr. so did not chance it. If I get to go to the BBQ I would hope to meet you.


Thank you for being you.


Good day SB. :)

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Bb, I'm READY. Now if only I could watch the video without any trouble. I let it load itself for awhile but it didn't do any good..


I am totally blown away at the reaction to me at the Loft. You all made me feel special. That is something I will always treasure, I haven't known that feeling very often. The BEST medicine is LOVE! :wub:


Taj I hope you'll feel better soon, thank you for being here and thank you for your kind note. There are many wonderful natural ways you can boost your immune system so you won't get those infections again. I wish I could help you and anyone who is ill. My knowledge of natural healing is very limited but I know where to look for help. For awhile I had an awesome nutritionist who helped me in many ways, mind, body, and spirit. What I do is more emotional and spiritual, though I always encourage the nutritional side, too. It's all related and connected, and stress is the main cause of illness. Be well soon. I believe we are all related and connected, we all share a spirit that lives in each of us, so when people say "we are all one," that's prob'ly what it means. My connection with this community is part of that wonderful spirit. I call it LOVE.



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Well now I've been reading there were people who stayed awhile. I thought they had all gone home by 7:30, 8pm because they were all so tired from having such a long day and I was told there weren't many left by the time I was ready to come back from my room so I stayed there in my room. I felt somehow I had failed and spent whole the night shaking and crying for over 12 hours. I didn't wanna be alone, that's the last thing I ever wanted, that's not why I came there. A very similar thing happened at another trip I took, which ended in total disappointment and another trauma to me. My heart is sunk, but I still love you all VERY much but my heart is very broken again. I came for the socialization as much as the protesting. I don't know what to say except I love you..



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I shoulda listened to my Intuition when I couldn't find Doug, to just stay at the Loft. Not doing so caused me to have the night from hell which I NEVER want to be repeated. If I wanted to be alone I would've stayed home. I was so hoping to unload my things, and come back refreshed.



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