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3 Charged With Medical Marihuana Violations

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LAPEER COUNTY (WJRT) -- (05/31/11) -- After a nine-month investigation, three men are now facing charges that are tied to the operation of a medical marihuana dispensary in Lapeer County.


County Prosecutor Byron Konschuh authorized arrest warrants for Randy Crowel of Dryden, Mark Carter of Romeo and Patrick Salas, who is also from Romeo.


Each face a four-year felony for the delivery and manufacturing of marihuana.


The charges are tied to allegations that Compassion Care Center of Michigan was not correctly following the guidelines of the state's new medical marihuana law.


The dispensary was raided in August and September of last year, leading to today's warrants.


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February 02, 2011DRYDEN — Dryden businessman/medical marijuana proponent Randy Crowel and a Colorado woman were arrested Jan. 20, after signing for a package containing 41 pounds of marijuana at a shipping warehouse in Oakland County.


Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said Crowel, 53, and Kristina Suzanne Raquel, 34, were arraigned on Jan. 22 before Magistrate Marie Soma for possession and intent to deliver marijuana.


318AAANRrg1665F1.med.jpglrc2.pngRandy CrowelCrowel was released after posting 10 percent of a $5,000 bond, while Raquel was released on a tether after paying a $15,000 bond.


Oakland County Sheriff's deputies said Raquel was already out on bond related to similar charges in Colorado. She faces additional marijuana charges in Macomb County.


McCabe said members of Lapeer County's Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) were informed two days before the arrests that a California shipping company had received a steel container destined for Oakland County that could contain a large amount of marijuana.


When the container arrived at the Pontiac-based warehouse, NET detectives requested that a K-9 unit conduct a "sniff test," which proved positive for narcotics.


318AEEGOGr167881.med.jpglrc2.pngKristina RaquelAt that point, said McCabe, NET detectives secured the container and conducted surveillance while awaiting the arrival of individual(s) to pick up the package.


The shipment was reportedly being delivered to Big Daddy's, an Oak Park business that houses the offices of Michigan Medical Magazine and a compassion club for medical marijuana patients.


On Jan. 12, Oakland County Sheriff's deputies raided Big Daddy's and confiscated $20,000 in cash and receipts from the wallets of several employees and patients. There were reportedly no arrests made in the raid.


Crowel is the co-owner of the Compassionate Care Center of Michigan, located at 5493 Main Street in downtown Dryden.


Newsreddiamond.gifIt's a wild world after allreddiamond.gifWinter, big time!reddiamond.gifState Rep. loses son in accidentlrc2.pngExtrasreddiamond.gife-mail this article link to a friendreddiamond.gifletter to the editor about this articlereddiamond.gifprint this articlelrc2.pngThe facility was raided twice last year by Lapeer County Sheriff's deputies who confiscated marijuana and plants along with the contents of a safe, believed to have contained the records of medical marijuana patients.


A week after the second raid, about 200 medical marijuana advocates picketed the offices of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Department, claiming law enforcement officials had broken the law by taking records protected by HIPAA (personal privacy) laws.


The Dryden compassion center has been padlocked since Sept. 21, 2010, when Lapeer County Prosecutor Byron Konschuh applied a "public nuisance" ordinance to the facility


Crowel and Raquel are scheduled to appear for a pre-examination hearing in Pontiac on Feb. 22. On Monday, Crowel's attorney, Tim Turkelson of Metamora, declined comment on the matter.


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This stupidity keeps up and we can kiss our MM law good-bye! The dispensary interests don't give a rats arse about patients who actually find relief with cannabis therapy, just MONEY period!


And the excuse of a steady supply for patients doesn't hold water. With all the out of state and cartel illegal marijuana seized it hasn't caused any supply interruption.

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Is it just me or does the name big daddy's come up an awful lot in these out of state med confiscations and arrests ? :unsure:



Have you heard about his smash and grab equipment scam he runs? It happened to my aunt, as well as other people I know and have no reason to lie to me about it, its never happened to me becasue I'm not dumb enough to support a criminal but some people were unaware of who is running that and how they actually do business. I never try to start any of the he said she said but thats not what this is, its a matter of fact that big daddys is single handedly ruining our reputation as a movement, as well as been involved in multiple out of state, large quantity, med transfers which were all illegal.

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