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Bbq Is In 10 Days: Who Is Coming

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hello all


well its time to say if your coming or not... get off your azz and at least say something... first if we dont have any idea as to if anyone is coming or not there will be an issue of not having enough BBQ to go around and by people not saying no one knows how much to even think is needed... its about time to say something... if not expect not enought to go around will be the answer... i dont want to see someone having to buy so much and not be able to use it thats a waste... please at least say something so the ones who are working on this know... anyway just a yes your coming is all thats needed... if not then dont expect much... just trying to help...



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I found a hotel in Clare that has economy rooms for $65 I don't know how many they have, a larger room is $89, remember all prices you'll need to add any tax. If anyone's interested call them:

Doherty Hotel & Conference Center ... Contact Info. 604 North McEwan, Clare, Michigan 48617 info@DohertyHotel.com


Front Desk: (800) 525-4115


the person I spoke with was very nice, I had questions about the area; I also called the Clare chamber and spoke with a very nice lady about the area, too. The Days Inn is in clare also, their prices are a little more but still reasonable even on a weekend night.



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Where is this at?



Saturday, June 18 at 10:00am - June 19 at 6:00amLocationLake George boosters club89 S Bringold AveLake George, MICreated By More InfoThis is a BBq for Michigan medical Marihuana program members ,caregivers and spouses only.Cardholding minors allowed ONLY with parent...

Please bring photo ID..MMMP card or paperwork..

10.00 per person or 15.00 per couple..

The cost of the ticket includes a wonderful bbq meal,please bring a dish to pass and your drinks...

Festival like atmosphere with music,vendors,demonstrations,MEDICATING!!!

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Could you folks reserve about 10 minutes for me to speak. I've got a couple of important announcements I need to make. Thanks, bb


I suppose, Man you ask for allot...LOL..J/K... Sure we are hoping we can get some music of some sort..I am going to approach my neighbor again. he has Karaoke and Dj system..

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Im coming and bringing at least two with me.. I want a vendor table and i thing terry from west branch is bringing a crew.. :-)


Also.. Its going to be alot of funnn folks.. i cant wait.. please join us.. and we wont run low on chicken i promise.. :-)

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