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Is The Party Of ‘Just Say No’ Morphing Into The Party Of ‘Just Say Grow’?


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More Republicans in power need to educate themselves and their constituents to the truth about Cannabis and stop the senseless tax payer marijuana prohibition.The rhetoric of human rights and individual freedoms they preach about and to other countries have to be practiced here in America.



(This is a long article so i did not post it in its entirety here but it is well worth the read)




Ann Lee, a Texas Republican and devout Catholic, thought marijuana was the “weed of the devil.” Like so many Americans, Lee believed pot was a dangerous “gateway” drug that tempted the unwary into a dissolute existence. But when Lee’s son, Richard, suffered a severe spinal injury two decades ago and became paralyzed from the waist down, she was given a crash course in the devil drug. “I had to open my eyes, and I also had to pray a lot and believe in Richard’s integrity,” says Lee, now 81. “When I saw the good it did for Richard’s spasticity, I said, ‘Well, darn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.’?”

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