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Annual Report On Mmmp

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Just saw the annual report on the MMMP dated April 1.


Cost of program 10-1-10 through 3-31-11 (partial year)

$687,634 down from $740,658 the previous year


Intake (same partial year)

$4,860,783 UP from all of FY 2010 at $4,418,651


Profit $4,173,149 so far compared to all of FY 2010 at $3,677,993


You would think they could get the cards out a little faster with that kind of money.


Dr. Bob


figures located by my buddy Craig from the official report.

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It would be nice of the "overages" that the gov't has went to buy MMJ for patients. Subsidize the growers so the PT's don't pay as much if at all. That is a 1/2 year, so profits are in the $8 million range right?


That could subsidize a lot of growers, however they would probably need a program to make sure that no overages from that went to somewhere else, so that would probably cost 7.5 out of the 8 million to make sure the growers followed the rules.

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