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Family Of Medical Marijuana Clinic Robber Assaults Detective After Trial


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Family members of a man convicted Friday of robbing a medical marijuana clinic in downtown Ann Arbor, assaulted a detective as their relative was being led away, Ann Arbor police said.


Two people were arrested for assault and resisting police. The detective had minor injuries, reports said.


The assault occurred at the conclusion of a bench trial for Marcus Bailey, 18, of Detroit, who is one of three men charged with robbing the Liberty Clinic medical marijuana dispensary last fall. Bailey, who was out on bond until Friday, was found guilty of armed robbery.


Ann Arbor Detective Sgt. Pat Hughes said prosecutors asked that Bailey be jailed after the guilty verdict, and the judge agreed. As Bailey was being led away, he slowed down and appeared to falter, Hughes said.


Family members became upset, climbed over the partition separating them from the attorneys and Bailey, and tried to intervene, Hughes said. Detective Bill Stanford, the officer in charge of the case, blocked their path, and they began assaulting him, Hughes said.


Other family members also got involved, and Ann Arbor police officers were called to help, Hughes said. The court security officers got Bailey into a holding cell and also tried to quell the fight, he said.


The two people arrested were lodged in the Washtenaw County Jail as prosecutors review the case, Hughes said.


Bailey also is jailed awaiting sentencing July 21, when he is expected to face at least 15 years in prison, police said. Two other men charged in the robbery – Terrence Robinson, 34, of Detroit, and Andre White, 32 of Royal Oak – previously pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 15 years in prison.


In the Sept. 30 robbery, police said the men entered the clinic on South Main Street, bound employees and customers inside with duct tape, and stole cash, marijuana and other items.


A witness called 911 after he ran out of the clinic, and police officers interrupted the robbery. They fought with the three armed suspects before ultimately getting them under arrest.

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heh... so the police will fight with "three armed suspects" robbing a dispensary to get them under arrest but shoot and kill innocent unarmed people growing marijuana in their homes!

The point you are making is usually valid, but these police officers are in Ann Arbor. Perhaps they are more reasonable there?

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Ann Arbor police are the most respectful of rights Ive ever seen, they are also very weak cops and completely ineffective when someone resists. I saw them have to deal with a drunk bum once and I was laughing like crazy, they had like 6 cops there funny, funny. They are the complete other side of the pendulum.

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how come the headlines is MEDICAL MARIJUANA robbers family acosts the detective that busted him,, go figure that one out.



It reads 'Medical Marijuana Clinic Robbers' because they robbed a medical marijuana clinic


It sucks to have MM mentioned in any news story involving crime but that's the cold hard truth of it.


One major complaint I have for the press is this. There have three pharmacy's robbed in our area (two at gun-point) in the last month and a half and I have never seen or read one thing in the news about them.

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