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Sterling Heights Men Accused Of Threatening To Cut Off Teens' Toes Over Possible Marijuana Burglary

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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Sterling Heights Police say three men kidnapped several teenage boys and threatened to cut off their toes and fingers for allegedly stealing medical marijuana plants.


Investigators say it happened at a home in the 13000 block of Canal on Monday.


Police say 45-year old Vincent Bosca told them his home where he grows medicinal marijuana plants was burglarized several days earlier, but he didn't report the incident to police. Instead, investigators said Bosca used his 15-year old son to lure six boys, ages 15-16, whom they believed to have been involved in the burglary, to his house.


The boys were told they would get an ounce of marijuana for free if they came.


The teens all attend Dakota High School with the Bosca’s son. Once the teens were inside the house, police say Bosca and two of his acquaintances, Gerald King of Sterling Heights and Allen Brontkowski of Shelby Township, forced them into the basement and bound them with duct tape.


Investigators said the men then turned on circular power saw and held it to the face of one victim and threatened to cut off their toes and fingers. At least one teen was pistol-whipped. Victims were also hit with the cover of a samurai sword.


Police were alerted after one boy escaped and called his mother who called police. Another boy was also able to get away, but four teens were found when police arrived around 1:45 on Monday afternoon. They had been in the basement for nearly two hours. None of them suffered serious injuries, mostly just cuts and bruises.


Bosca, Brontkowski and King all pleaded not guilty by video arraignment in 41A District Court late Wednesday afternoon. Brontkowski and King face 10 felony charges each, including unlawful imprisonment, felony firearm and assault. Bosca, who has a valid medical marijuana license, faces those charges plus two more for unlawfully manufacturing marijuana and running a drug house.


Bond for Bosca and Brontkowski was set at $500,000 each. King got a lower bond for $250,000. All three men are scheduled to be back in court on June 24.






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Idiot :rolleyes:



We have to remember its just weed it can be grown again now his life is going down the drain over a few measly plants not a great trade IMO. :mellow:


Got that right. He is a legal card holder and he should of called the police, he was a victim of a crime.


Its scary to call and invite the police over but if the situation warrants and its necessary you call. About two years ago teenagers broke in and were caught when neighbor heard the glass break and called police,


When I got home the police were in the house and room was wide open, they asked if I was growing marijuana for medical reasons I said yes gave them my card and ID. I sat down and a Sargent took cards outside and called after about three minutes he came back inside handed them back.


He said the two admitted to the break in but said they didn't know I was growing until after they got into my back room. No real severe damage (less than the deductable) to home or to plants but they did use my scissors to cut some buds off four or five, but that was it. I live in Clinton Twp and there has been no issues with CTPD after that never randomly pulled over or things along those lines.


I'll call them again if need be and have when we were battling to get the crack house next door closed down for two years. Crooks cannot be allowed to think that legal growers are scared to call the police after they get ripped or robbed and LEO will have to learn to treat the legal grower who is robbed as the victim, not the criminal.


We are citizens of the state of Michigan and The United States of America, and we deserve to be afforded police protection like every other regular law abiding citizen out there, its the law.



An earthquake achieves what the law promises but does not in practice maintain - the equality of all men.- Ignazio Silone

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