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Undercover Clown

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An undercover cop dressed as a creepy clown is pretty much my worst nightmare.


Favorite moment

2nd lady in video 1.


Ho - "How can you prove that you are not a police officer?"


Clown - "I can make you a dog out of balloons!"


Ho - "I bet you would make me some handcuffs out of balloons too!"



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I laughed at that stuff, but it's just so absurd that cops are allowed to dress as clowns, film themselves doing comedy routines during the arrest of street addicts and prostitutes, broadcast it internationally for entertainment purposes, and get filthy rich doing it.


Right on. It might seem easy to laugh at drug addicts like this, but I find it very disturbing to see a cop read the Miranda warning to an obviously intoxicated person, then get right up in their face and intimidate them into a confession, then broadcast it on national TV, then expect us to say "Hey, great job, boys in blue!".



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