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Using Medical Forms For Dispensaries.

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Hello, I just went to my local dispensary for the first time and I showed them my medical papers. I had the UPS tracking number, the doctor forms, and a receipt of the money order that I acquired from my bank, PNC. The people at the dispensary told me I needed proof that the money order had been cashed. So I went home and called the PNC cooperate and they told me there is no way of checking if the money order has been cashed or not. When I went to get my certification, the lady told me to either use a check or to get a money order from a bank only. So that's what I did, I went to the bank and got the money order. Now I think I am lucked out because of some false information I had received. Anyone have any suggestions on any further steps I can take?

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the issue is they need to count 21 days from the check or money order being cashed. By using a check, your bank will usually post it online where you can copy it front and back (you want to see the MDCH stamp on the back).


If you are looking to sue someone or such, no luck.

You can try a club which might be more compassionate than a dispensary - there, you can do P2P - perhaps with a patient who will take time to get to know you and your case. The doctor's rec covers you partially under the MMMAct, those who work with you can rely on affirmative defense - which just requires a patient to have a doctor's rec.


I know some people think they are being stealthy by using money orders and not a personal check, but now you see where it leaves them.



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