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Moving To Pure Michigan

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Hi to all our friends up north. My wife and I live in Ohio and just returend from our third visit to Traverse City. We are collecting information so that we can move there and live. We love Traverse City and Michigan!


If you have any information to share that might be even remotely related to us movin gto Traverse City, please share it with us. We want to move in the next year, and we prefer to live near town. Please share information about living in Michigan and that area, about the legal climate, adn about anythign else that could give us a better chance at making this a positive move.


We would love to know where the hydro stores are, where to live, how to get the whole thing rolling. Seems the first thing i need to do is find a job there, and my wife's job comes with her. Once I have a job offer, I can move, selll thsi house, and be with you all finally.


Thanks, and stay well people.



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Welcome to Michigan


The Grow Store

721 West Blue Star Drive

Traverse City , Mich







Bay Medical Collection

803 Garfield Ave








225 East State Street

Suite 100






My brother lives in Traverse City ...


For most part its a Nice town


They have almost everything there ....


They have a Great Cherry Festival w/

Great Fireworks ...


They have Casino if your a Gambler ...


Not sure about their Compassion Clubs

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Here is what Traverse city says about mmmp.


http://record-eagle....ana-regulations August 17, 2010

TC approves marijuana regulations

New ordinance could be changed if problems come up in the future


BY ART BUKOWSKI abukowski@record-eagle.com


TRAVERSE CITY — New regulations that dictate when and where city residents can grow and distribute medical marijuana could be changed if problems arise.


City commissioners on Monday gave final approval to a new ordinance that regulates land-use issues tied to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. It takes effect Aug. 26.


The ordinance allows for cultivation of up to 72 marijuana plants in single-family homes, and that concerns those who believe such activity could degrade the city's residential neighborhoods. But commissioners weren't ready to rule out residential growth.


"This law is not set in concrete," Mayor Pro-Tem Ralph Soffredine said. "We can bring it back to the table, and we can tweak it and do what we want to do with it. But we need to give it a chance."


The Michigan Medical Marijuana act, approved in 2008, allows patients to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 12 plants. It also allows designated caregivers to grow and distribute plants to up to five patients.


But the act doesn't specify where or when patients and caregivers can grow or exchange marijuana, so municipalities across the state were left to decide for themselves.


The new ordinance doesn't affect the amount of plants a patient can have under state law, or the number of plants a caregiver can grow or distribute.


It instead specifies where legal marijuana-related activity can occur within city limits.


City resident Julia Wagner told commissioners she's uncomfortable with marijuana growth in residential districts.


She voted in favor of medical marijuana, but assumed it would be closely regulated and available only at pharmacies.


"I had no idea that this could invade my neighborhood," she said.


Her view was shared by Adrienne Rossi, a Central Neighborhood resident who called marijuana growth "extremely unhealthy for our residential neighborhoods."


Pro-medical marijuana activists countered that residential growth allows patients easier and safer access to the drug.


Current residential growth hasn't led to significant problems, they said, and the city could expose itself to potential litigation if it tries to prevent residents from exercising a right afforded under state law.


The ordinance allows for cultivation in excess of 72 plants in industrial districts, provided the cultivation facility owner obtains a license from the city.


It also allows for medical marijuana "collectives" in most commercial districts of the city.


Any medical marijuana that fits within the confines of the Medical Marijuana Act can change hands in such collectives, but growing isn't allowed there.

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