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Ann Arbor Repeals Decriminalization?

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That's the medical mj ordinance passed recently. I just took the time to read it and found this interesting part:


It shall be unlawful for any person to:

(a) Violate any provision of this chapter or any condition of an approval granted

pursuant to this chapter.

(b) Produce, distribute or possess more marijuana than allowed by any applicable

state or local law.

© Produce, distribute or possess marijuana in violation of this chapter or any

other applicable state or local law.

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Also, what the hell is up with this? http://a2gov.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=914187&GUID=B72D55B0-832C-4B38-AE25-CCE9F7540593&Options=ID|Text|&Search=medical+marijuana


It appears you can't find out the content of the zoning ordinance unless you show up in person... but I did find this:




Key features of the zoning ordinance include the requirement that medical marijuana dispensaries must be located in districts zoned as D (downtown), C (commercial), or M (manufacturing), or in PUD (planned unit development) districts where retail is permitted in the supplemental regulations. Medical marijuana cultivation facilities are only allowed in areas zoned as C (commercial), M (manufacturing), RE (research), or ORL (office/research/limited industrial). Medical marijuana businesses are prohibited in a 1000-foot buffer zone around schools.


If this means home cultivation is now illegal in Ann Arbor, then... :growl: :growl: :growl: :growl: :growl: :growl: :growl::sword:

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