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Police Raid Fowlerville Dispensory For Second Time

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This article outlines charges :






Found on the net eslewhere for your information :


" I'm sure you all know that Marshall Alternative in Fowlerville was raided for the second time yesterday. Undercover cops produced fake patient cards and pretending to be patients made several purchases of medication. Today they charged the owner Christie and her two employees with several counts of delivery. When Cristie told the cops she was just a patient assisting them because they had patient cards, they laughed and said those cards don't mean anything. They literally took everything and these moms say they don't even know how they will feed their kids. Tomorrow the 3 girls must turn themselves in and are asking for our support. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring signs and join us in peaceful protest to show our support while these ladies turn themselves in for arraignment. The protest will be at June 23 rd 10:00 am TOMORROW at Livingston County courthouse 204 S Highlander Way in Howell."

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Appalling doesn't even begin to describe the actions of these criminals called police. Schuette you're a worthless piece of dog excrement for allowing these blatant violations to occur.


Disbarment is to good for you, you need sit in a 6'X8' cell for a few years!

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It will take a lot more than a protest to end this tyranny in a Police State. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson on how to keep and maintain our freedom and one day it will happen, Sadly to say this may be the only way to end this type of oppression and bring Freedom back to this country.I only say this because this is what history teaches us. And freedom does come with a price

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