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Marijuana Munchies And Pot Lattes

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI -- Compassion clubs and collectives that offer medical marijuana are popping up every day, but a new business in Traverse City, called Canna Bistro, claims to be the first of its kind in the state and in the Midwest.


From seven until two, you can get a mocha latte from Cafe Crema.


From three until eight, you can get that same mocha latte with medical marijuana and sip it socially at Canna Bistro.


"Traverse City has taken a step as one of the most progressive cities in regards to medical marijuana," said Joseph Sarafa, owner of Canna Bistro.


And businesses, like Canna Bistro, are looking to take advantage of it. Joseph Sarafa is the owner of the new medical marijuana compassion club in Traverse City and his business is unique not just to the region, but to the state.


"We want to bring that Amsterdam-style experience to Traverse City to try to make patients who might not be feeling too well, give them a little bit, a place where they can socialize, and a place where they can feel safe using their medicine without persecution," said Sarafa.


Cafe Crema will still be its normal coffee shop from 7 until 2, but then, the shop will close for an hour and re-open as a place for everything medical marijuana. The doors will be locked and the shades will be down, but for medical marijuana card-holders, they can show their card, get in, and browse the wide assortment of buds, taste a brownie, and yes, even sit down and sip on their infused latte.


"Our mission is to provide safe access to people throughout the city," said Sarafa. "I feel that the state law is in line with what we're doing, 100 percent."


But how do state lawmakers feel? I tried to find out, but it seems to be something they don't want to talk about. I contacted Representative Wayne Schmidt -- no comment. Senator Howard Walker -- no comment. And Mayor Chris Bzdok -- not available for comment.


The state says since April of 2009, more than 137,000 medical marijuana applications have been received with a little more than 75,000 registrations granted.







Just something seen on the tube , maybe interesting , or not....My link










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