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Lulzsec Leaks Arizona Law Enforcement Papers

Policing The Police Nationwide  

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  1. 1. All LEO's Should Have Mandatory Psychological Testing Done Yearly

  2. 2. All LEO's Should Have Mandatory Random Drug Testing Done (Unannounced)

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Armed Marines "taking care of business' on the Az-Mex border with M4's, Outlaw motorcycle gangs made up of active and non active military, and OMG gang members. Cops talking about how to place evidence to frame people, how to impound belongings they want for themselves and on and on and on...


The perversion of law enforcement in America is appalling and extremely dangerous to the innocent!!





This report is one report among many showing the ineptness of LEO at ALL levels of enforcement. Its from a cop who initiated a gun-fight in a crowded McDonald that resulted in a child getting its brains blown out


"I was standing in line and oblivious (like all the other patrons) to the fact that an armed suspect had taken the manager hostage and was forcing her to open the safe in the restaurant's office. One of the cashiers had seen this and I overheard her telling another employee that the business was being robbed.


At that time, I had approximately 15 years of experience and was a SWAT team member and use-of-force/firearms instructor. ... As I was standing near the front counter trying to get some of the kitchen help to get out, the suspect came from the office area and began running in my direction.


I immediately noted the large semi-automatic pistol in his hand. The distance was about 15 to 20 yards. I drew my weapon, announced myself and took a kneeling position behind the counter. Unfortunately, the suspect raised his weapon at me and the gunfight erupted. The suspect fired a total of 2 rounds in my direction. I fired 11, striking him 10 times. ...


I immediately noticed a small child lying behind me. I saw blood pooling under her head and knew at a glance she was dead. One of the bullets fired at me had struck this child."

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The suspect in this case claimed that the officer used excessive force on him and broke three ribs. The suspect went on to allege that when the police officer realized that he would have to explain the broken ribs, he “planted” a stolen 9mm Beretta on the suspect and charged him with the offense.

The officer in this case had made questionable social network postings but claimed it was simply bravado, similar to what might be said in a locker room. But the difference between jokingly “talkin’ trash” in person and posting it on the Internet is that postings are preserved indefinitely on a digital server. One of the notable postings introduced to the jury was that the officer watched the movie “Training Day” (a motion picture that displayed corrupt police behavior and brutality) to brush up on “proper police procedure.” Another series of postings revolve around miscellaneous internet video clips of police arrests. One of his postings said, “If he wanted to tune him up some, he should have delayed cuffing him.” In another he added, “If you were going to hit a cuffed suspect, at least get your money’s worth ’cause now he’s going to get disciplined for a relatively light punch.”


Business as usual.

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the issue with psychological testing is it is a specific set of questions which every single LEO out there knows as well as knowing the expected answer to them. our method of testing is a joke. I am sure that I should not be able to pass a psych eval honestly but am seriously confident that I would be able to anyway. We need to reform the system

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