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Genetically Modified Marijuana

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I call BS on this story. I think the author is confusing bread marijuana with genetically altered marijuana. The cost and equipment to sequence all the genotypes and the years of experimentation with gene alteration would be nearly imposable for a black market drug. There is no way someone spent millions of dollars and decades of time to do this. I think they are just talking about professional breeder seeds.


How do they even know what they are buy anyways. Order white widow and get Mexican bag seed. I know there are reputable seed banks out there, but I have never seen genetically alter seeds being advertised by them.


Just another propaganda piece.

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LMAO! Soilent green! Thank GOD I'm not the only one who knows whatthat was! LOL!


Being the Geek I am... I kinda feel the need to point out that, any plant than man intentionally cultivates and forces to change to his needs is altered genetically- just a slower process than what is done in a Lab.

Corn used to be a grass with large seeds-- until man cultivated and chose the genetics to cross until Maize (and later corn)was created... Just like the Landrace strains were cultivated and crossed to go from strains with low THC to some of the new "Super Strains" with over 20% THC and High CBD's/CBN's.....


It's when you hear about these "mad scientist's" that are trying to introduce a certain part of an Icelandic Fish's DNA into Tomatoes so they can withstand the cold & Frost that I start to worry.


Sometimes man does a great job of helping evolution along, other times- he just needs to let nature make the decisions!!!

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