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Oakland County's Hypocrisy In Law Enforcement On Display

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Here is the most blatant example of how ordinary people are treated who run afoul as opposed to the wealthy in oakland county.


A year or so ago an escort service was busted that was,GASP!, a front for a prostitution ring and had been sending hookers to the rich and connected in oakland county.


In the address book of the madam were names and numbers of prominent oakland County individuals and wouldn't you know releasing those names was blocked.


But naming names, and showing faces, of some poor guy just trying to get a little on the front page is just fine.


Ruining his name is just fine but heaven forbid some oakland county executive, or judge, or sheriff be named and his mug is plastered on the front page for all the world to see.


Escort probe skips 248 area code

http://www.pogowasright.org/?p=18741 "







Of The Oakland Press




Timothy Reneer Sain III was handcuffed, standing between the curb and the car he had been driving.


“Where’s your drawers, dude?” a Pontiac officer asked, pulling Sain back from the vehicle and lifting up his white T-shirt to expose he wasn’t wearing underwear


“I told you, I just left home,” Sain replied.


“I’m legal, I have no warrants, I have a job, I don’t have no drugs on me.”


Sain, however, would be photographed and booked; discovering police had stopped him after an undercover cop fingered him as a john looking to pick up a prostitute.


He, along with two other men, were arraigned June 17 in 50th District Court for soliciting prostitutes.


The arrests were part of a sting operation conducted by the Pontiac Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office that started just before 6:30 a.m. Friday and ended near lunchtime.


The other two men arrested on allegations of soliciting a prostitute were 47-year-old David Daniel Carr and 31-year-old Nicholas Lee Neilsen.


A person accused of soliciting a prostitute can be sentenced up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine if found guilty.


Police agencies also can have their vehicles towed and impounded at the owner’s expense for solicitation.


Law enforcement arrested a total of nine women suspected of being prostitutes and charged two other people with loitering.


“It’s like an assembly line,” Sgt. Steve Troy said. “Once we hit them three or four times, the streets will be clear.”

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The approach to dealing with prostitution here in the US pisses me off to no end. Yeah, throw women in jail for selling their bodies, great plan. What's that get them? Jail? Where they can be raped by a guard? Great solution. How about actually dealing with the circumstances that lead to women selling their bodies, like poverty, hopelessness, lack of mental health care...?

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