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Our Re-Vamped Bloom Room & Grow


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Where we live, everyone in the area was being devastated by mites and thrips--- we found we had air-leaks around some exhaust/intake ports letting the little beggars in- so we decided to re-do the room.

Here's what we had to do:


Gut the room-

Remove & clean everything-

Bomb the room (TWICE!) with chemical bombs while empty-

Replaced hoods & added new fans (by choice, not necessity really)-

Add insulation to the ducting-

recover all the walls & ceiling-

incorporate the closet into the grow-


All our plant's are DWC- This grow has been in the room for 2 weeks. We put them in (from the Baby room) after making sure all were 100% healthy & bug-free.


They stayed on 24/0 for 10 days to ensure their health (they were pretty packed in the baby room while we worked ) They are now in 12/12


We have:

In Closet- 2 Vanilla Kush & 1 Querkle--who was just removed cuz it's a boy.


Far Row: P.O.G , Skittlz, Sensi Star, Skittlz

Center of grow: Small Skittlz from seed (was hoping for a boy-- no such luck.

Near Row: Afghan Kush, Papaya, Rocklock, W.M.W.O, Shiva Skunk, Chronic.


Draig keeps em well- trained, and though they were all different heights to start out- he's got a pretty uniform canopy going for us.


We also cleaned, painted and re-vamped the Baby room... so the only thing in there is one each of: W.M.W.O , Paegan, Hashberry, a clone of Skittlz, and 2 Older "Mom's"... Afghani and Purple Pinecone (our last- they'll be flowered soon- are re-vegged gals!)



Skittlz, W.M.W.O (West Michigan White-Out) and Paegan are our own strains we are still getting stabilized. Skittlz is pretty much "there".. the other two we believe will be "done" after one more session of crossing.


Can't WAIT to see what the Shiva, Afghan Kush and Chronic do-- as this is our 1st go with those strains!


In the one photo- I caught hubby in there tying the girls...


Just wanted to share!




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While it is bound to help, I think your operation still would be enhanced with regular maintenance. If you take air from outside in summer it is pretty hard to stop every mite. There on your short needle pine trees, in the grass, on your feet, your dog, on bushes, on and on. But outside they have natural predators. One mite can lay 100 eggs, and have 75% females and depending on temps can breed every couple of days. But regular maintenance sprays will keep the numbers down and slow down if not totally prevent breeding.


Here's a super simple spray that seems to be effective on eggs and adults. And you can spray without worries in flower. Lavender and water, I mix a half cup of dried lavender flowers with a quart of water, let it sit 48 hours, then strain off the lavender and mix into a gallon of water, and a little liquid soap as an surfactant. This spray smells absolutely great and seems to be real effective. You can google dried lavender and there are lots of sources on the net or you can dry your own. i got mine off amazon for $24 for a pound of the dried organic flowers. I'm not totally sure but i think any mint could help to....shredder

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Looks good! we lost everything to spider mites a while ago, they hitched a ride on some clones we were given. Newbie mistake on our part, didn't know to inspect clones & didn't have a microscope. Also changed to a cooler, more humid location. Anyway, Best wishes for a bountiful harvest from your improvements!!

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Can't wait to do same after this harvest.


FYI: Check "Habitat For Humanity - Restores" we found brand new boxes of flexible insulated duct work 25'ft.x6" for $5.00 per box. A T-5 eight bulb fixture w/ballast less bulbs for $35.00, an 8,000 BTU AC unit still in factory sealed box for $50.00.


You have fourteen days to return electrical items no questions asked and besides the money goes for a few good causes not including your garden.


Check the date on stickers usually anything over thirty days or older on the floor or shelves they will take almost any offers.

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There is NO un-filtered air coming in. We use high-end filters outside made for pollen/mites and a HUGE can-fan filter and ONA in the exhaust so there is no odor going out.


We use something similar to your lavendar-- peppermint oil soap and rosemary... and NO ONE enters the grow area with shoes on- or if they have been with the pets unless they change clothes! We are being as "sterile" with these rooms as we can.

We always kept it "clean"-- but all that un-filtered air was coming infrom under a deck where Many a critter was living... mites galore!


No more!

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