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Nothing in UP Michigan


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I moved your post to your own post ....


that way your not highjacking other post .


It requires alot of hard work to start your own

Compassion Club and get others to help ....


Then once you get your club going ,

You then start organizing an Event w/ your

own money ..


You do fund raisings , get donations ...


You get involved w/ other Compassion Clubs ...


You go to other Events ....


Trust Me ... It is Not Easy ...


Welcome to the Jungle

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There is an event in the UP, July 22-24, in Gulliver. It's an event to build the marijuana community in the UP and will feature speakers, demonstrations and other activities.


I spoke to the host this morning and he assured me this event will take place as scheduled. Hope to see everyone there.

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Starting a Compassion Club is the easiest thing in the world. It takes only two people, one idea and a kitchen table.


Getting people to become active and support their Compassion Club is the hardest thing in the world.


This I know from first hand experience.








Peace. :rock:

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I would love to help sponsor original model clubs in the UP.  I spend 8 days a month there, just opened a new office in Marquette and there is a grow store (123 Hydro) that would love to host a compassion club in the Soo.  All that is needed is someone to step up and organize a club.


Stop complaining and start doing.  The resources are there, just bring the effort.


Dr. Bob

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