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Fighting With The Truth

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This is how the Cannabis Cancer Project fights the opposition and that is with the Truth just like Cash in Montana that has gotten National headline attention


http://coloradoindep...bis-for-toddler ,


its happening here in Michigan there is a little girl who maybe the 2nd youngest medical marijuana patient who is now 7 or soon to be 7 little girl with 2 brain tumors who by the way is doing amazing and cannabis oil is only form of treatment that she has been doing for over a year now and also the other cases that we have been proud to assist like gentleman wit prostate cancer and other patients with skin cancer patients and there amazing success story. these amazing success cases are starting to compile and add up. But we need Help and we can really use your Help in so many ways

not just donations to help assist the 6 cancer patients were assisting now with donations but hopefully encourage or inspire others through out the state to do the same and that is make and provide cannabis oil to a registered medical marijuana patient with cancer that is in need of cannabis oil even if it means providing it to that patient at no cost because they can not afford it and share there storys. This why we will Travel to do oil extraction Demos, Believe me there are more cancer patients in need of this cannabis oil then there are people making and providing it.So Please any one interested helping us compile more success cases and building are arsenal of Truth contact us we would love to see others or compassion clubs sponsor and assist cancer patients in need. Right now we have about 20 case story's. How may more will it take to be an effective weapon against the opposition and how many cases can we compile with your help and more volunteers. Fight with Truth and Fight with healing at the same time. What you think or am just nuts and its oil talking. Oh by the way Gersh and I really could use a secretary wish we could afford one .

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