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Ok, so my light order came in today. Everything but the R/O system and i really wish that had come in, although Tarzan uses tap water and doesn't even test ph or ppm so maybe I will be okay. But I bought it because I would rather be safe than sorry and I have a water softener so there's a lot of salt in our water. We will be installing everything today and tomorrow so that I am ready when i pick up my clones at the market on Saturday.

If you have salt in your water than your softner is not working correctly. They do sell a causic acid you mix with water and add to the softener to super clean the filter media like every 4 months. Alot of people have never done this. I have used mine after the softener forever, no problems at all. I grow in dirt and hydro. Plants have been around way before ro filters

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Looks great! Lots of fun and it's only beginning!


Glad to hear that you started with clones. Growing from unknown seed can waste a LOT of time and expense.


Just because a seed came from a bag of Brand "X" does not means that is a seed of Brand X. Seeds are sometimes added by the unscrupulous for weight. Pretty rare in medical circles but still common for mids and dirtweed. Also note that seeds from a hybrid (and most strains nowadays ARE hybrids) will not become the strain you found your "lucky free seed" in. It will quite often revert back to the mother or father. I'm working from memory here and very little experience breeding so if someone cares to fill in the holes please do!.


I found a seed in some meds from a dispensary a while back. Imaghine that huh? On a whim I stuck it in some soil and it was up on the third day! It's growing outrageously fast and sturdy but it is by no means even close to what it came out of. I've never seen a plant such as this in thirtysome years. Just took a cutting and hoping for the fairer sex. But I digress... Anyhow I think you made a great call starting with some clones!


If you ever do decide to grow from seed it is best to aquire known genetics. Experiments ARE fun but that comes a little later. Gotta get those clones of yours reaching for the sun in your awesome new room!


Best of luck with your new room. I'll look forward to watching as things begin to thrive!






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