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Packard Plant Owner Target Of Drug Probe

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Detroit— Federal drug agents are investigating Romel Casab, the controversial owner of the Packard Motor Car Co. plant in Detroit, as part of a broad probe into drug trafficking and money-laundering conspiracies, The Detroit News has learned.


The investigation's focus and connection to Casab are outlined in a search warrant unsealed in U.S. District Court in Detroit.


The warrant helps explain why U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents carried out high-profile raids April 12 of Casab's home, medical marijuana facilities and other residential and commercial properties across Wayne and Oakland counties.


The raids raised fear that federal agencies were cracking down on medical marijuana facilities although a new state law legalizes such businesses. Officials say that is not the case.


"The DEA is not going to devote resources to people clearly following the medical marijuana law in Michigan," DEA spokesman Rich Isaacson said.


The warrant indicates the DEA is focused on drug trafficking and money-laundering conspiracies, and Casab, 49, a controversial Commerce Township businessman because of his purported ownership stake in the Packard plant, an industrial relic and symbol of the city's decline. The DEA's case file is simply titled "Casab," according to the search warrant.


Casab's lawyer, Robert Morgan, did not respond to phone messages seeking comment.


Search warrant documents refer to Casab by name and mention drug trafficking and money-laundering conspiracies. But the exact nature of the conspiracies is unclear because the affidavit outlining the investigation remains sealed in federal court.


The real focus of the DEA probe is a relief to medical-marijuana industry advocates. The April raids, however, had an impact.



From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110712/METRO/107120349/Packard-plant-owner-target-of-drug-probe#ixzz1Rt58v0R6


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I could have told you the bold print over and over and over. Even before it was legal, if the feds were going to raid you they knew what you were doing how much you were turning. 10-20 plants is a waste of their money and unless you come off as "big time" or are "Big time" Why are they going to waste there time outside of trying to use you as a lead to something bigger. Common sense here people, mind your business and stay legal, the only thing that gets you raided is loose lips or foolishness.

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