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Lost Power For Two Days!

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I just want to give a :bighug: to all those that live in Hazel Park, Madison Heights, and Ferndale and any other city's that were involved in this lost power for the last few days... My power JUST came back on 30 minutes ago, 2 days+ for some w/o power.... I do know of at least 3 MMMA members that stay withing a mile of me... Hope your crops were unharmed by the power outage!!


I dunno if its a good thing I didn't see a power outage thread, but being it came back on at 1am, I hope to hear that the members effected didn't lose their hard earned crops. Hopefully when people wake up and see they have power again their won't be tragic stories of PT's/CG's w/ damaged crops. 2 days is a long time to break the light cycles..:notfair:


:unsure: sucks.....


Trix :bong2:

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