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Lansing Limits Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To 48

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Lansing limits medical marijuana dispensaries to 48








Lansing limits medical marijuana dispensaries to 48


By Michigan Radio Newsroom


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User: kynan tait / Flickr




Lansing City Council put a limit of 48 medical marijuana dispensaries allowed in the city.




Carol Wood is a Lansing City Council member. She says she would like to see fewer dispensary licenses available in Lansing.




“When you look at the fact that we have 27 pharmacies that have a variety of different drugs that they’re able to access out of there and that we are looking at 48 licensed establishments for only one drug, it doesn’t seem that there’s been necessity for us to have that many to take care of the residents of the city of Lansing.”




Wood says while the dispensaries may have helped Lansing’s economy, that is not what voters voted for when medical marijuana was approved in 2008.




“We’re supposed to be looking out for the residents of the city of Lansing and not necessarily being a Mecca for people throughout the state who might not be able to purchase medical marijuana in their communities to feel that Lansing is the place to come to.”




Wood estimates there are roughly 2,000 Lansing residents with medical marijuana cards.




The council member says many of Lansing’s medical marijuana dispensaries may have to relocate next July when dispensaries will have to be 1,000 feet away from schools, churches and other dispensaries.




Emily Fox- Michigan Radio Newsroom







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