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Cheapest Cleanest Fuel Source Being Ignored

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There are many people in Northern Michigan who are fighting for the right to grow industrial Hemp. The Air-Quality Permit to Install a new clean coal/biomass power plant in Rogers City has been approved by the State. The Original intent of the biomass reactor was to use switch-grass grown by many local farmers as a supplement to the coal. An industrial hemp resolution has also recently been passed in Presque Isle County, this all may not be too far away, as long as people keep voicing themselves and steer the powers that be in the right direction.

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The People are sovereign, and are the true and only 'Powers That Be'.


The elected officials are not, though they act like they are, and most times, get away with it. Our bad.


They have forgotten that they work for and serve us. Their bad. Only we can make it right.

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