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Question On State Forms


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I'm an existing caregiver and patient who is about to take on some more patients. They have already submitted their paperwork to the state and are awaiting their cards.


1) Is it safe to go ahead and submit the paperwork to have me named their caregiver even thought they are still "in process"? Both had their checks cashed over a month ago, so technically they should already be approved, but I have no idea what their registry number is - although I'm not sure that's even required on the forms to name me their caregiver.


2) I've found the "Change Form" and the "Caregiver Attestation". Are these the only two forms that I need to send to the state along with the $10 fee?

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To the best of my Knowledge that is Correct ...


Plus Photo copies of both Drivers License ...


I'd get Copies of Everything You send to the State ...


Sent it out Certified Mail...


Plus use a Personal Check so you can

get Proff that they cashed it ...


21 days after that your good to go ... :thumbsu:

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