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The Flank Is Weak, Time To Open A New Front

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The economy is horrible. Across America, as always happens when times are tough, people tend toward more conservative beliefs and values. What once seemed to be a rising tide of change in the liberalization of marijuana laws in our country, has begun to show signs of subsidence and even retreat.

I think the economy might be the one thing that finally makes the notoriously lazy voter get off their collective butt, for one simple reason...

They have been wasting money on this for decades, we should start saying it loudly and repeatedly.

How much did Mclaughlins trial cost in Emmet county? What about the probation violation cases in Midland county? How much got spent on housing those guys? (get a look at the bottom of the bridge RIGHT NEXT TO the Midland County Courthouse sometime)

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you mean the one falling apart? while money goes thru the courts revolving doors of idiocrasy?


i agree Jim, we need to be using our power of free speach, and enticing our youth, and anyone that does not vote, to pay their CIVIL BILL by registering to vote, and then actually voting.


this is our one basic and individually controlled DUTY to our fellow Americans, and our Country.


If you DONT VOTE< you may as well be canadian. shut the F up and get out, or step up and vote. i dont give 3 ships what you vote for, JUST DO IT!

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